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Anthony Armstrong

Concepted (WIP)


More info to come

Soul's Eternity

An original 2D turn-based RPG surrounded in Celtic lore, plot twists, and a new take on game progression. 

War Pigs (art to come)

A turn-based fantasy strategy, giving players a unique look at squad based combat, while experiencing an epic adventure of liberation. Bringing true military tactics to a world overrun by tyranny. Build your forces, take control of the battle field, and lead the people to freedom.

Canadian Forces Range Simulator

An Android based prototype for a VR range test software, built in Unity. This is an early concept of a VR simulator for testing Infantry Riflemen on the 3 basic range tests and adaptable for other training scenarios.

The end goal of the project would be a customizable training simulator to replace the SATS trainer, utilizing VR harware that fits to a helmet and rilfe/machinegun, similar to what is found in current sandbox VR arcades.

Extreme Golf!

A simple golf game turned CRAZY where explosive powerups, destructable features, and skillful shots are par for the course.

This game was an early pet project of mine, with custom programmed physics, built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4.

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